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RYAN is a full service firm for all disciplines serving the Caribbean, Latin America, U.S. and European Hispanic markets. We are the most dependable recruiting firm with the best consultants in the industry.


Our Senior Recruiters are Certified Personnel Consultants, a national certification that attests to our expertise in general business laws, ethics and proper business practices. We are the most reliable consultants able to identify professionals who deliver results, saving you valuable screening time.

We are certified to administrate and certify Targeted Selection Interviewers. We also administer Myers-Briggs Type Indicators and Wonderlic Personnel Tests. All support to evaluate candidates’ strengths, potential, achievements and adaptability in the organization.


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Our candidates ideally qualify for global assignments because of their experience and background. Degreed from Ivy League, recognized US and foreign universities, many hold MBA and PHD’s; proficiency in English, Spanish or more languages, distinct advantages and assets for overseas jobs.

We conduct reference checks, arrange drug, psychological tests and credit reports per clients’ request and provide a guarantee period. Contact us for a brief presentation of our services.

The most complete service for accurate hiring!


Members of Chamber of Commerce, PRMA, SME, Bankers Club, NAPS, AMA, SHRM and the San Juan Rotary Club

Unemployment is so rampant that posting an ad would bring thousands of résumés, and possibly not even one candidate qualifies for your specific position.

Our job is selecting the best for your specific position and save you the time consuming process of reading those thousand résumés and interviewing countless of candidates to find out that not even one is qualified or has the particular requirements for your company.

We have recently interviewed several candidates (U.S. citizens) fluent in the English/Spanish or more languages, college graduates who are interested in relocating. We feel confident in recommending them for positions in the U.S. or multinational American companies based in foreign locations. Because Puerto Rico has the second largest concentration of Fortune and multinationals in the world and our position as the Industry leaders, we have access to these professionals.

Besides their bicultural background, they have proven experience with Fortune/multinational and/or other blue chip companies in the U.S. and/or overseas assignments. Several possess MBAs or PHDs or other post graduate degrees in their specialized fields from ivy league or recognized stateside, local and foreign universities. The pick of the crop!

(Confidentiality is top priority).

The RYAN EXECUTIVE SEARCH & OUTPLACEMENT Program is developed to assist displaced or misplaced employees from top management executives to office personnel while taking their needs into consideration. It is geared to achieve a smooth and professional transition, while providing the necessary tools to adjust to changes and help candidate (s) find a rewarding position or career change within a reasonable period.

Misplacement: is the inappropriate match of an employee to a job.

Displacement: is the loss of employment through no fault of the employee.

Outplacement comes from situations or concepts companies go through like...lateral moves and transfers, relocations, downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, even the suggestion of early retirement.

RYAN is expert in this field. We possess the talent and network to teach the skills necessary to help the individual or group make the best career change possible. We concentrate our resources in finding a suitable transition with minimal stress to the organization and employee (s).


An important way to help displaced employees adjust to the changing technology, procedures, or work demands is through training, which includes:

1. Orientation:

Job Search Assistance Program - The employee is interviewed and counseled by a specialist in the candidate’s field. Exercises include interviewing techniques, strategies and procedures. The Specialist directs résumé mailings, select key industry vacancies and follow up.

2. Marketing & Networking:

Marketing Campaign Program – We design and conduct distribution campaigns through our Talent for Hire Newsletter, from a 6,000 member computerized database and other sources. An effective résumé is developed; the candidate’s strengths are pointed out, and provided with continued guidance to conduct a real life résumé that works: (résumé do’s and don’ts).

3. Interviewing Techniques:

Successful interviewing techniques (role play)

Strategies and tactic procedures

Auto analysis and evaluation of interview

4. How to Build High Self Esteem -

Repairing Self Esteem after a job loss

5. How to Manage Your Budget Effectively

6. Coping with Transitions – Managing Changes

7. One-on-one Counseling

8. Résumé Writing Workshop

9. Individual Follow up

Other Material and Cassettes:

Optimism and persistence in action

How to nurture creativity

How to be a winner

The psychology of achievement

Accepting and developing responsibilities and taking charge

Programming for success

Goals and goals achievement

Problem solving and decision making

Human relations

The Art of Marketing Yourself

Mailing List of U.S. and P.R. companies

How to apply networking

How to research target companies

Job Search Assistance

How to evaluate job offers

Requesting the offer

How to be successful in your new job

Telephone, Desk and Secretarial Assistance Available for Follow up

Answering newspaper employment ads

Business magazines’ articles


Use of our library is provided facilitating books on employment, professionalism, motivation or other.


Retirement Success Program-

For those who consider retirement now

Social Security – IRA – Insurance-Retirement

Entrepreneurial Success Program-

For those who would like their own business

Coordination with Fomento, Government Development Bank, SBA, etc.

Coping With Transition With Team Work Attitude Program

For those who remain with the firm

Our Senior Human Resources Consultant and Coordinator of H.R. Projects, Ms. Madeline Figueroa, will handle the counseling.

We also provide additional assistance with psychological tests, the Wonderlic, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and the Targeted Selection Interview, the process that accurately predicts applicant’s performance. We are certified to administer these tests. We will also be glad to comply with any reasonable request to make the candidate’s transition most rewarding.

RYAN EXECUTIVE SEARCH & OUTPLACEMENT usual fee is 15% of the employee’s last year’s estimated base salary. The fee is payable immediately upon your acceptance of our outplacement agreement.